Mandela Produce Distribution (MPD)

Mandela Produce Distribution (MPD) is a community-based food hub located in West Oakland that increases access to local, sustainably-grown fresh produce, while supporting the economic success of small-scale BIPOC farmers.

Since 2016, we have provided high quality, equitably-sourced produce to East Bay residents, community-based organizations, local food businesses, and other institutions that share our values.  

By supporting the work of local farmers, we mitigate the extractive nature of the global supply chain and build infrastructure for a more equitable and resilient food system rooted in authentic relationships. 

By focusing on food access, we connect hundreds of limited-resource East Bay families with hella fresh, hella local, and hella affordable (or free!) fruits and vegetables each week!


Farmer Network

We work with a network of local BIPOC farmers who are growing produce sustainably and at a small scale. For farmers of color, the ability to access markets is even more challenging because of the history and present reality of racism and inequality in the United States. BIPOC farmers  face disproportionate barriers to accessing land and financing, and may have more difficulty accessing markets, customers and technical support.

Our Offerings

Mandela Partners

As a project of the non-profit Mandela Partners, we are able to leverage both income and grants to ensure fair pricing for our farmer network, while securing access to affordable, high quality produce for community members, regardless of their means, through our food access programs. Any and every time you shop with MPD, you support our ability to get more produce to our neighbors who face barriers to access!